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January 23, 2015

Gansevoort Presents Manufactured Superstars - 'Suite Beats - Day & Night'

Preeminent DJ/Production duo partners with New York hotel group to create custom day-to-night soundtrack.NEW YORK, NY - January 22, 2015 - Gansevoort Hotel Group has coupled with EDM legends… READ MORE >>
Jan 23, 2015

Julie Thompson - Eye Of The Storm - The New Artist Album

Since her simultaneous debut/breakthrough alongside James Holden on the long ascribed classic ‘Nothing’, Julie… READ MORE >>
Jan 23, 2015

Giuseppe Ottaviani - Liverpool (Inc. Standerwick Remix)

The last single to come from the ‘Magenta’ albums’ track run arrives daisy fresh from its summer-released ‘LIVE’… READ MORE >>
Jan 23, 2015

VANDIT Says Hello To 2015 With Shadow Of Two's 'Mirage'

Abetted by their mentor Paul Thomas, Shadow of Two launched in September of 2014 with ‘Lucir’ - a thoroughbred… READ MORE >>
Jan 23, 2015

VANDIT Waves Goodbye To 2014 With Maarten de Jong & Faruk Sabanci's 'Fett'

A rocket-powered tribute to the one and only big, bad Boba Fett himself perhaps? Dropped with impeccable timing to… READ MORE >>
Jan 23, 2015

New From VANDIT Records: Paul Miller - Plick Plack

Question: is Plick Plack…A) Brazil’s answer to FacebookB) The latest version of Flappy BirdsC) A new plaque… READ MORE >>
Dec 07, 2014

Phillipe el Sisi – Essentials Volume 1 out now on all portals

Artist: Philippe el SisiAlbum: Essentials Volume 1Label: How Trance WorksThe start off How Trance Works Essential… READ MORE >>