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November 24, 2014

Stephen Kirkwood: The Blitz – Out Now on Beatport

Artist: Stephen Kirkwood Track: The Blitz Label: Lange RecordingsStephen Kirkwood has done it again with this release of 'The Blitz'. Based on a true story of what happened in WWII. The track is… READ MORE >>
Nov 19, 2014

Out Now - Richard Durand & Fisher - In Your Hands - The Remixes

With Richard’s Original version out, about and already having skimmed the very highest reaches of the Beatport… READ MORE >>
Nov 19, 2014

'Tomorrow Never Was' - The Debut Album From Majera

Over the last 2 and a ½ years, in quick succession, Solarstone’s Touchstone Recordings have delivered some 30… READ MORE >>
Nov 19, 2014

Orkidea - Purity - Out Now On Touchstone Recordings

There’s nothing purer than ‘Purity’ itself - something ably demonstrated by Orkidea’s first outing for Pure Trance… READ MORE >>
Nov 19, 2014

New From VANDIT Records: Eddie Bitar - Follow Me / Liberty

Eddie Bitar has had a ‘singularly’ eventful time of late! ‘Metal Mouth’ & ‘Meloque’ opened his 2014 case-file… READ MORE >>
Nov 19, 2014

'Subculture - The Residents' Mixed By John O'Callaghan, Will Atkinson and The Noble Six

Subculture by name, now maybe more super-culture by nature, over its 5 ever-developing years, John O’Callaghan’s… READ MORE >>
Nov 19, 2014

Roger Shah Presents Sunlounger & JES - Glitter And Gold

Roger Shah a.k.a. Sunlounger & JES are no strangers when it comes to writing classics. Both have penned their fair… READ MORE >>